Fancy Ganci spices up the art department

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After Mrs. Oppenheim’s retirement last year in June, the Swampscott High School administration appointed Mrs. Ganci to replace the longtime sculpture teacher.

Mrs. Ganci, former English teacher, is taking on the sculpture classes this year. This year has brought major changes in Swampscott High School life, including a new principal and a handful of new teachers. This recent change in faculty has transformed the sculpture program. This has also been a change for Mrs. Ganci, changing from teaching English to art. Changing departments also comes with the changes of curriculum and schedule, as well as the opportunity to see students in a new light. When asked about why Mrs. Ganci decided to switch, she explained how this was her opportunity to make a drastic life change. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in doing and I saw the opportunity because Mrs. Oppenheim was retiring so I decided that I was at a point in my career that if I was going to make that change, I had to make that change.”

Ashley Bucklin, a student who was enrolled in both Mrs. Oppenheim’s introductory sculpture class last year and now Mrs. Ganci’s sculpture major class, spoke about the transition. “In Mrs. Ganci’s sculpture class we do a lot more research and writing before we actually start sculpting but in Mrs. O’s class we just went straight into the sculpting.” Mrs. Ganci’s class focuses on the history behind sculpture before getting into hands on sculpting, to be able to understand the process of sculpting. It seems to be a trend for Swampscott High School’s faculty to follow their dreams and break out of the typical mold.

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Fancy Ganci spices up the art department