Mr. Murphy’s new rules

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At Swampscott High School, the new principal, Robert Murphy, has adjusted the school’s policies and has enforced new rules, provoking various responses from members of the high school community.

Simone Nardizzi, a 10th grade student, expressed her displeasure with the new rules. When asked about Mr. Murphy’s expectations she said the rules were excessive and stated, “I think he should give us more freedom. Many students, including myself, don’t understand the no coffee rule.” Simone feels that the rules won’t be effective because a lot of people don’t agree with them. Simone also stated that she preferred last year over this year because she felt she had more freedom. Although Nardizzi does not agree with the new guidelines, she will be following them. Despite the fact that some students are not fond of these changes, other students, such as 10th grade student Ben Turner, feel differently toward them.

When asked how he felt about these alterations, Turner stated, “I feel a little bit as if some rules are good, but others not so much. The school never really had a set of guidelines to follow before.” One thing he dislikes is that the seniors and juniors don’t get privileges like they used to have, but he feels that restricting the use of phones will be beneficial for everyone so we can conquer what we are really here for. Ben Turner agrees with Simone that the rules last year were more relaxed, but he is glad everyone is safe now and he respects Mr. Murphy.

When asked about why he thought it was important to enforce the ‘no drinks other than water’ rule, Murphy simply explained, “There are a lot of reasons. They are distractions, coffee would arrive at school and take away the students learning time, and the neatness of the school would be affected.” Also, Mr. Murphy made it clear that his main goal as being a principal is to make a safe and positive learning environment for everyone. He described, “I feel the most important changes I’ve made to this school is the stability and consistency of positivity, but also discipline. I’m just trying to make this a happy place for everyone.”

Mr. Murphy also shared that before he was a principal, he was a history teacher. He said he prefers to be a principal because he can “make a difference in 700 people instead of 7.” Murphy also expressed, “I am enjoying the high school, it’s refreshing. I miss parts of Swampscott Middle School, but I am enjoying it here.”

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