Rio Summer 2016 Olympics

Every four years people from all corners of the world come together for a celebration of life and athleticism. The Olympic Games today bring the international community together by promoting peace and unity through competitive sports.


The Olympics first began in 776 B.C. in Olympia in Ancient Greece. In those ancient times, the games were dedicated to the gods.


This year, the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Around 205 countries will all go head to head in 38 sports.

Despite all of the challenges and troubles the world has faced this past year, the Olympics provides a time where healthy competition and worldly connections are made.

The Blueprint spoke with some students from SHS about their thoughts on the Olympics:

Junior Ariella Nardizzi said that the events she looks forward to most would be either soccer or swimming. Nardizzi loves seeing the nature of the competitive and hardworking athletes every year: “ My favorite part about seeing the Olympics is seeing athletes that have competed in previous years because I like seeing them adding onto their success. I also like when newer athletes rise up during the olympics because it’s really exciting to discover new talent.”

Ella Parker, also a current junior at SHS, told the Blueprint that she enjoys watching gymnastics and diving because they’re so fun to watch and “make you question your own bodily capabilities.”

“What I look forward to most about the Olympics is normally the Opening Ceremony because there’s always so much time and effort that goes into executing it and it never fails to amaze me” Parker adds.

Both Parker and Nardizzi agree that the importance of the Olympic Games is how it unites countries together: “Though it is a competition, it is peaceful and it is respected, and because of that it always seems to bring the world together for what is always a great show, without the hassles of foreign affairs or diplomatic relations interfering” Parker said. “ I think it holds the importance of each country uniting together to support their athletes and it let’s everyone bond together for the games” Nardizzi added.

In all, this summer is sure to be one to never forget. Summer 2016 will be filled with a little friendly competition, but what’s most important is that we will see the world uniting together once again to honor and respect everyone from all over.