The Death of Shop Classes in the United States

Vocational High School programs are known as career and technical education programs to help prepare students for a specific trade after high school. Students in vocational high schools will study a specific skill or trade while also studying academic based criteria. Some students learn better hands on rather than in an academic setting. I consider vocational programs essential for public high schools in order to prepare students for the real world.

According to a study on MSNBC from 2013, it is estimated that almost 6 million Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither in school or work. I believe a major factor to this statistic is because of the lack of exposure to tech and voc programs at public schools. Public schools have started becoming more college preparatory which is unfair to students planning on pursuing a job right out of high school. I also strongly believe that bringing Voc classes into the public school curriculum can decrease the dropout rate significantly. Students learning things that they have a strong interest in that can benefit them in life can create a positive impact.

There are many different reasons behind the near extinction in all public schools including funding issues being the main reason. This is unfortunate for the students who are interested in these types of classes. Hopefully in the future schools throughout the U.S will begin to expand the curriculum to Voc classes for students not interested in college.