Cooking Classes

Swampscott High School offers a very limited number of elective classes, and an even fewer amount that have anything to do with helping students learn how to plan everyday tasks that they will need in the future, either during college or after. One of these classes that SHS is missing is a cooking and nutrition class. There have been numerous schools that have started offering cooking classes and have had nothing but positive responses.

In today’s society, obesity is such a huge issue and especially in respect to time, most people think that it is just easier to get take out instead of cooking at home. Many people think this way because they do not know how to cook or the benefits of leading a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Also people love to eat so why not make a class that can show them how to eat healthy and delicious foods that are less expensive than eating out all the time.

Everyone hears about the “freshman 15” referring to the fact that freshman college students usually gain an upwards of 15 lbs from the first year that they go away to college. There are many reasons as to why this happens, one of the main reasons is that these students were not properly taught how to lead a nutritious lifestyle and don’t know or maybe even care what they are putting in their body. High school is the prime time for teaching students about cooking and nutrition, because this is the time where they are entering adulthood and when they are able to begin making decisions for themselves and the type of lifestyle they want to live.

After students get out of college or even sometimes while they are in college it can be very beneficial financially for them to know how to cook and make their own food, it can be extremely expensive to eat out everyday and you never really know what you are putting into your body. It makes sense to teach students in High school about cooking and nutrition because then they are able to try and test cooking at home with the help of their parents or guardians and start good habits.

Knowing how to cook is an important life skill, because absolutely everyone needs to eat in order to live. Also when you grow up and potentially have children you or your spouse will have to make food for your family, and it is much more cost efficient to cook at home instead of ordering out.

Taking and being able to master the skill can also be valuable if you want to go into a culinary background. Taking a class like that would make it easier for student to get a job as a cook in a local restaurant and allow them to get experience in the working field to see if it was a career path that they would like to pursue. It can also increase students confidence levels to show them that they are able to carry out a task and have a tangible product to show off and be proud of.

There are few classes that students take in high school that apply to their lives every day, but a class about cooking and nutrition could be one of them, and it would be exponentially beneficial.