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The Vagueness of the College Application Process at Swampscott High School


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As a relatively independent senior, I was interested in getting my college application process finished as quickly and smoothly as possible. Immediately as I began, I felt completely unaware and uninformed. Even with the help of guidance, there are many aspects of the full process that aren’t clear to me, and that my guidance councilor was unable to help me with. She was very helpful when it came to the major beginning aspects, such as the college applications themselves and finding out more information about them. But, now that that part is over and I am already committed to my top school, I am lost in the area that I am most concerned about: financial aid.

Most of my issues are trying to figure out which scholarship opportunities are legitimate, and which are just spam websites. I’ve looked up college scholarships and many of the websites don’t look as if they are real, but there is no way to tell. I am aware that if it’s asking me to pay for an application, then it isn’t real, but that’s about it. Also, everyone always says things about how certain aspects of their identity will get them aid for school, but, again, I have no idea how to find specific applications that cater to me. I am hoping that I will have more luck now that Mrs. Barnum is back.


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The Vagueness of the College Application Process at Swampscott High School