Reflections on playing for Swampscott Big Blue Football

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Reflection of Playing Swampscott Football

As I sat in that Field House that one last time with the rest of the seniors, pads on, eye black smudged all over my face after our final game, I reflected on all the memories I made in that locker room. Sitting in silence, eyes full of tears, reminiscing about the bonds created during my time playing for the Swampscott Big Blue.

It felt just like it was yesterday I entered the Swampscott Field House my freshman year without a clue how to play football. I was greeted by a friendly smile from Coach Dobias. “I don’t know what position I should play Coach,” I had honestly told him. He just laughed and said,“Don’t worry we’ll figure it out,” From that moment on, all my life revolved around was football. It was all I cared about. It was more than a sport, it was the connection I had made with all the players on the team. At this time as a freshman I hadn’t realized it yet but being part of this team would help mold me into a more mature young man. Over the years being part of the Big Blue Football community had changed my perspective as a whole. Entering my senior year, it was an honor to know I was voted as one of the team captains. Knowing I was the captain of the team, myself and the two other captains, Leo Wile and Themo Liakopoulos, knew we had to become serious leaders who could take on the task of living on the legacy of the Big  Blue and carry on the traditions. I can honestly say I don’t think there is any other sport that is as big of a commitment and requires as much dedication. Start of June, workouts Monday, Wednesday, Friday until the start of the season, 7 on 7 tournaments throughout July and August, Camps all summer, Film and study sessions every week. But that is one of the countless reasons I love the game of football, being able to work hard all year with my team. And even though my final season had it’s ups and downs and we faced numerous moments of adversity, it was an honor to be able to lead a team of devoted players with my fellow captains.

I played my final game, this Thanksgiving, at Piper Field in Marblehead. For those of you who attended the game or know the outcome, it is obvious that I would have wanted a different ending to my high school career but the score is just that, a score. In the years past, I always saw seniors their last game crying and never truly understood. I now know the real reason.

After the closing seconds winded down of my final high school game it all finally hit me. I didn’t cry because we lost that game, or because we finished the season 4-7, I couldn’t help but cry because it was the last time I would ever play with some of my closest friends. All the hard work we put in all off-season, all the games we battled in every week, it was all over. I wouldn’t want to change any minute of it and will truly miss being a part of the Swampscott Big Blue football team.

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