Black Friday

Black Friday is a day for stores to make money off of deal hungry customers. They start by giving you the best offers on all of the stuff you want, from computers to underwear you can get anything you desire at a low price.

Ben Rossman, a shopper on Black Friday at the North Shore Mall said that “It was much less chaotic than I’d think, there were more people in line at Pink then there were in the rest of the mall.” When I asked him if he bought anything he replied “I bought nothing I sat in a massage chair at Brookestone for an hour and then they kicked me out i went home.” So even people who do not want to buy anything will still go out and check out the Black Friday scene.

One Black Friday shopper, Sarah Simpson, said she went shopping in Boston at the Prudential and on Newberry Street. She went in the afternoon, so it was not that chaotic, but when asked about if the deals were less she said “It was essentially the same because normally all of the electronic stores have the deals at midnight, whereas clothing stores have all day deals” So for a person to go out at midnight is it actually worth it?

Another thing about Black Friday is when you go out you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. One Shopper Rebecca Caggiano, while waiting in line at a Jamba Juice, said “Someone walked by and I saw some hair fall off of my head and onto my shirt, someone had just walked by and cut my hair.” So when all of these stores are having all these deals just know, that that’s not why some  people are there!

While it may be enticing to go out on Black Friday you should be careful, because you may never know what someone may have in mind for you or your hair.