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Powder puff is a sporting event in all towns around the U.S., but in Swampscott some would say we go harder than most. Everyone in the high school goes to support the girls in their yearly game against Marblehead. But what about our powder puff makes us different from other schools, is it our spirit or is it the girls desire to crush Marblehead into the ground?

When asked about our rivalry with Marblehead, a senior and  powder puff player Zoe Petty said “I’m sure that they’re nice people, but when it comes to sports the rivalry brings a whole new aspect to the games we play.” Another senior girl playing in this upcoming powder puff game,  Megan Marocco said “I would like to play the game itself, but playing Marblehead adds so much to it.” This rivalry adds a lot to the sports at Swampscott high but powderpuff in particular is a very hyped up sporting event.

“I think we have a very strong group of girls this year and with hard work I don’t think Marblehead stands a chance.” said a coach of the powder puff team Brandon Byrne . This type of confidence is what you need going into a game, one of which is a very hyped up event in the first place. This attitude really psyches up a team when heading into a game that means a lot to them.

Another coach of the powder puff team Danny Hingston says that “Everyones working hard and we will be ready come game time.” With all this talk of hard work for the powder puff team you can expect them to walk onto Blocksidge Field and with one thing  in their mind, winning.

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